"Quality Does Not Just Happen, It Must Be Planned"

Quality is not about the price alone... In our years of experience we have come to find that, "It's cheaper to go first class". However, we don't waste your hard earned money, and we promise to be the best value in Construction Management period!

We will manage the processes that many don't want to, or know how to handle, in order to assure smooth construction work flow. We specialize in Team Management, thereby saving you countless dollars, so that your project is full of equity from the start, without sacrificing QUALITY.

From custom small scale projects to large complex colaborations, the greatest benefit of trusting Dominion Construction Management is that you receive a great deal of value while still receiving an extensive amount of attention to detail.

Our strength is built on relationships with local contractors whom we share a commitment to the communities where we all live and work.

Our construction team is lead by Vernon Smith. His attention to detail has been one of the key reasons for our success. Perfectionism has it's place and when it's your job on the line, you will be glad it's one of his traits.

Heading our Engineering Department is C. Tony Marshall of Marshall Engineering. His impeccable credentials are over 30 years experience in MEP engineering and design, Project Management, Construction Management, Energy Conservation and LEEDS.

With over a hundred years of combined experience as a company, we have the ability to efficiently handle projects ranging from 0 to 5,000 engineering man-hours. With the combination of in-house professionals and outside professional consultants, we have the expertise to undertake a variety of Construction, Engineering and Project Management assignments. Due to our mixed in-house experience, DCM is flexible in adjusting project management techniques to fit the size of the project.

DCM's aim is to "Go beyond your expectations, manage the unexpected, all to safely and efficiently turn your vision into reality".

On-Site Construction Management

  1. Consistency checks with construction documents
  2. Field check of materials and equipment
  3. Construction methods and Inspection Reports
  4. Resolution of Requests for Information (RFI)
  5. Field verification of installed quantities for invoice verification
  6. Scheduling Coordination
  7. Review of project change log
  8. Field test for equipment rated capacities

Design Build

From an idea in your head to a wonderful finished building, we can help transform your vision to a design in print. Then we can actually build and create your project. Regardless of the magnitude of your vision, we have teams that will help minimize your concerns and maximize productivity.


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